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Answering Your Questions About Septic System Maintenance

Regular septic pumping serving Olympia will help ensure that your plumbing systems work the way they should, but it will take effort from both you and your HVAC and septic pumping company to get the job done. You should also know certain details about your septic tank, like where it is, how often you should have it pumped, and what the alarm means. Feel free to continue reading to learn the answers to some common questions about septic system maintenance. septic - tank

Where is my septic tank?

Your septic tank is most likely in your backyard, but if you have a large property, this might not be of much help when it comes to actually finding it. Although septic pumping is a job for the professionals, there are certain maintenance steps you can take on your own to boost the efficiency of your plumbing. All you really need is a sturdy probe to push through the ground in order to find your septic tank, but you will need to be careful not to accidentally pierce the lid. Your septic pumping professionals can use electronic devices to help you find your septic tank safely and efficiently.

How often should I have my tank pumped?

One of the primary aspects of plumbing maintenance is septic pumping. Not every household needs septic pumping at the same intervals though, so it’s a good idea to discuss your maintenance schedule with your professional. How often you need septic pumping depends on factors like the number of people living in your home and how much time you all spend in the house. A family of 4 can typically expect to seek septic pumping at least twice per decade.

What does a pump alarm do?

While you might think that your pump alarm is telling you it’s time to have your system pumped, it is more likely alerting you to the level of liquid in your pump chamber or an electrical problem in your system. You might have too much or not enough liquid in your pump chamber, but you should call your plumber to be sure.

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