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How Heat Pumps Keep Your Home Cool

When the summer season arrives in the Puget Sound region, you will need to prepare your home for warmer weather. While outdoor temperatures do not typically get high enough for you to frequently use your air conditioner serving Olympia, there may be days during the summer when your home is too hot to be cooled by fans alone. With a new heat pump installation, you can cool down your indoor spaces while saving money on the typical costs associated with an air conditioner installation.

A heat pump relies on basic thermodynamic principles to heat and cool your home. When outdoor temperatures are elevated, your heat pump will use refrigerant to pump cool air into your home. Unlike conventional air conditioners, however, heat pumps can also be used to heat homes during the chilly winter months. Once the summer season has ended, your heat pump will automatically reverse and start pumping heated air into your indoor spaces.

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