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Comparing Conventional and Tankless Water Heaters: Which One Is Right for Your Home?

Tankless water heater technology is becoming more and more popular with today’s homeowners. When you are shopping for a new water heater for your property, your plumber may be able to offer you a choice between a conventional water heater, and a water heater that is completely tankless. Before you purchase a tankless water heater in Olympia, it is a terrific idea to do your research on the pros and cons of different models. To help you with your decision, here is a quick comparison of conventional and tankless water heaters. tankless - water

Initial Cost

When you are comparing tankless and conventional water heaters, the first factor that you may want to consider is the initial cost associated with each type of unit. In general, conventional units are less expensive to install than tankless water heaters. While the initial costs associated with conventional units are lower, they may end up costing more to run and maintain in the long run.


As you are debating whether a tankless or conventional water heater will be right for your home, you should also take the time to learn about how each type of unit functions. A tankless system generates hot water as it flows through your plumbing pipes. In comparison, conventional water heaters store large amounts of heated water in insulated tanks. If you find that your household consistently runs out of hot water, a tankless system may be a better choice for your needs.

Energy Efficiency

Tankless water heaters are typically much more energy efficient than their conventional counterparts. Since a tankless water heater creates hot water on demand, it does not consume energy throughout the day. Conventional water heaters, by contrast, consume a steady supply of energy, whether you are using your plumbing system or not. By investing in a tankless water heater for your home, you will be able to cut back on your hot water expenses every month.
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