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When you notice that your air conditioner serving Olympia is not meeting your needs, you have 2 options: repair or replacement. If you’re torn between air conditioning repair and replacement, think about how much it would cost to fix your current unit. Then consider how long it’s been since you purchased your AC and how much more efficiency you expect out of it today. Continue reading for help in making the right call.

Consider the Price of Repairs

Sometimes air conditioner problems turn out to be simple maintenance issues. You might have seen a small spike in energy bills because you forgot to change your air filters, or the problem could even turn out to be the thermostat. On the other hand, you might find yourself spending significant amounts of money to repair your air conditioner. The more frequently your unit breaks down, the more you’ll end up spending on the unit in total. If you suffer frequent breakdowns or you’re looking at steep expenses for repairs, it may be more worthwhile to look into a replacement, instead.

Consider the Age of Your Unit

You will have to replace your air conditioner eventually, so it’s wise to have some idea of when that may be. Although the lifespan of your unit may vary based on how you use it and how efficient it is, you should still consider its age, as well. If your AC is working its way through the double digits in age, you should start thinking about replacing it rather than repairing it.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Even small problems can continuously drain the efficiency of your air conditioner, so repairs and replacements can both reverse the effect. If your unit has significantly dipped in efficiency and repairs can’t bring it back to where you want it to be, however, then it’s time to look for a replacement. When you look for a new air conditioner, make sure you choose one that is appropriately sized for your space, and check its efficiency rating to make the most of your investment.

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