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If you live on a property that is located in a more rural area, there is a good chance that your home’s plumbing system is connected to a septic tank. In order to keep your plumbing in good working condition, you will need to set up routine septic pumping serving Olympia. Like your air conditioner or HVAC system, your septic system also needs to be regularly serviced by a licensed professional. To help you figure out when it is time to set up septic repair, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about septic system problems.

What are the signs of septic system failure?

As a homeowner, you will need to constantly be on the lookout for signs and symptoms that your septic system may be failing. When a septic system is having maintenance problems, its tank may start to spill over into the surrounding area. A leaking septic tank may create very wet or soggy conditions in the site around the septic installation. Another common sign of septic failure is toilets and sinks that seem to be constantly backing up.

How do I prevent septic system problems?

To keep your septic system up and running for many years to come, you will need to make sure that it receives routine services and inspections from an experienced plumbing professional. During your septic inspections, a technician will check to make sure that all of the parts of system are operating correctly. Having your tank pumped every few years can also help to reduce the risk of septic failure.

Can I fix septic system problems on my own?

Septic system problems should always be handled by an experienced professional who has the right tools and training for the job. While it may seem tempting to save money by performing your own septic repairs, you may ultimately cause a more serious problem if you try to fix your septic system on your own. Fortunately, a licensed septic system technician is only a phone call away.

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