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It is important to select and hire the right electrician when you require residential electrical services, such as adding new outlets, rewiring the home during a remodel, and so on. You also need to make sure you have hired the right electrician capable of troubleshooting electrical problems like flickering lights and making repairs.

Finding the right electrician is not difficult when you use the following tips:

  1. Read online reviews for the electrician. You want to find out what other people thought and the easiest way to see how satisfied they were with the work performed is to read reviews. Some reviews may even include pictures of the work that was completed.
  2. Check out “star” ratings, but don’t base your decision entirely on these. You should also see how previous clients rated the electrician. Ratings are useful when they are accompanied by reviews. Be cautious of ratings that don’t have reviews, as you have no way of telling if the rating is truly accurate.
  3. Request the electrician provide you with references of completed work and projects. Aside from online reviews and ratings, you should also check their references.
  4. Verify the electrician you select is licensed, insured, and bonded and has a business license. You want to make sure the license is valid, as this shows the electrician is current on his training and education. If the electrician works for another company, then they should provide the insurance, bonding, and business license.
  5. Ask the electrician who will be completing the work. It is one thing to meet with an electrician and draw up a contract, but then, on the start date, other people show up. Verify if the electrician, his or her employees, or other contractors will be working on your home.
  6. Confirm whoever will be doing the work is qualified to do so. If the electrician has apprentices or journeymen in their employ, there are differences. Apprentices cannot work unsupervised without the owner present. Journeymen, on the other hand, have the experience to do the work on their own.

technician repairing ac compressor

  1. Ask the electrician how much experience they have. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker. You will want an electrician who has the level of experience to fit with the complexity of the repair or project you need to be completed.
  2. Does the electrician specialize in a specific area? Some electricians focus on a specialty area, while others perform a wide range of electrical work. For instance, some residential electricians are not only qualified to rewire your entire home but can also take care of any electrical work on your furnace and air conditioning.
  3. Ask the electrician to provide a detailed quote for the work you want to be completed. A quote should spell out how much it will cost, along with any parts, travel time, and so on.
  4. Ask what type of warranty they provide. Experienced electricians should offer some type of warranty on materials and labor.

For easy access to licensed, bonded, and insured certified electricians for electrical repairs, services, and other projects in Olympia, Puget Sound, and the surrounding area, please feel free to contact A+ Services at 360-491-1400 today!

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