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Nine Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

There are specific heating and cooling system maintenance items that need to be completed on a regular basis when you have pets. Regardless of whether they live indoors or outdoors, you will want to ensure your air conditioning and furnace continue to run optimally.


Cat & Dog Sleeping together


1. Vacuum and dust at least once a week. Pets shed hair and dander on a daily basis. Hair and dander can get blown around the home which can end up in the air vents and in the air filter. When less hair and dander are in the home, the air filter will last longer.

2. Inspect your air filter once a month. No matter what type of filter you have, it is important to inspect it monthly. Homes with pets often require filters to be changed more frequently, even when the filter used is a 3-month filter.

3. Secure the outdoor AC unit. If your dog roams freely in your yard, they can be tempted to urinate on the outdoor AC unit. In addition, if there are loose electrical wires next to the unit, some pets can try to chew on these. Install a chain link fence around the outdoor unit and ensure wires are enclosed inside an electrical conduit.

4. Schedule biannual air conditioning and furnace maintenance. It is a good idea to have your air conditioning inspected in the spring and your furnace in the fall. Routine maintenance verifies the system is operating correctly and there are no potential problems. In addition, having minor repairs made at these inspections can reduce unexpected emergency service calls later.

5. Wash your pet’s bedding once a week. The place where your pet sleeps is another source of pet hair and dander. Make sure to wash all bedding weekly to keep hair and dander in check.

6. Clean your air vents every other week. Vacuum the outside of air vents to remove any dust, dirt, hair, and other items that can get caught on them. Don’t forget to also vacuum the return air vent.


homeowner checking vent


7. Upgrade to a better-quality air filter. If you are using a standard 30-day filter, it is not as effective at removing pet hair and pet dander. You will want to upgrade to a higher-quality “pet” air filter. These filters are designed to trap pet hair and dander, as well as dust, allergens, pollen, and other microscopic particles.

8. Brush or wash your pet once a week. Another way to help reduce pet hair and pet dander is with weekly brushings or baths.

9. Keep litter boxes clean. If you have cats and litter boxes, make sure to scoop and clean these daily. Doing so will not only help prevent unwanted smells from circulating around the home but also helps to reduce the amount of litter dust that gets released into the air.

For more great air conditioning and furnace maintenance tips for pet owners, or to schedule heating and cooling repair and maintenance services, please feel free to contact A+ Services at (360) 491-1400 today!






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