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Electrical, Plumbing, Septic & Pump Helpful Tips

At A+ Services, we know that sometimes a little bit of advice can go a long way! We have been providing quality services to the Thurston area for over 20 years and we may be able to assist you in overcoming any complications you have with your septic tank system, plumbing, electrical, or heating and cooling needs. Read through our helpful tips section and contact our team today!

Electrical Tips

  • Make sure you have an electrician test your breaker ever 2 to 3 years
  • If lights dim when using an appliance, consider an amp upgrade
  • Test smoke detectors regularly and replace the batteries at least once a year
  • Contact an electrician if you see any smoke or sparks coming from a panel
  • Work with an electrician if there is any sizzling / popping sounds accompanied by flickering lights

Plumbing Tips

  • Once a year, have a plumber clean your faucet screens
  • Any ripples, running water, or filling of a toilet can be a sign of a problem
  • Place Bio-Clean into your drains once a year to help keep drains debris free
  • Drain hot water tanks at least once a year
  • Contact a plumber if you have an excessively high water bill or low water pressure
  • Work with a plumber if there is water leaking from your hot water tank

Septic Tips

  • Repair any leaks and drips as soon as possible
  • Avoid adding any pressure to a system
  • Pump the tank regularly
  • Schedule routine maintenance
  • Do not put any grease, fats, oil, sanitary napkins, or other difficult-to-pass item down the system
  • Contact a technician if you experience odor, surfacing sewage, back-ups, or gurgling sounds

Pump Tips

  • Make sure your pump system is inspected once a year
  • Check your pressure to ensure the system is functioning properly
  • Contact a technician if you notice there is no running water
  • If you hear your pump running or have low water pressure, it could be a sign of a problem
  • Contact a technician if there is radical or irregular water pressure in the home

Get in Touch Today

If you are experiencing any abnormalities or complications with your tank or system, it is important that you work with a professional right away. At A+ Services, we are proud to offer experienced, dedicated technicians who can help address and fix any of your concerns. We encourage you to work with our office as soon as possible. If you are interested in speaking with a licensed, bonded, and insured professional from our team, contact A+ Services today to schedule your next service.

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