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Plumbing, Electrical, Septic, & HVAC Services in Lacey, WA

A city of nearly 50,000 residents, Lacey is conveniently located about five miles away from Olympia, which is not only the capital of Washington but also the site of the A+ Services headquarters. That means those who live and work in this area have easy access to one of the most respected plumbing, electrical, and HVAC repair companies in Thurston County and the entire Puget Sound. When you need help with installing wires, upgrading your septic tank, correcting a defective pipe, or heating and cooling your home as needed, you can contact us 24 hours a day for dependable service at a price you can afford.

Plumbing Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or run a business office, you surely understand the importance of keeping your plumbing in good shape. Even small plumbing issues shouldn’t be ignored. A leaky faucet will increase your utility bills; a slow drain may signify a defect that could get much worse soon. Also, business owners should get regular inspections to ensure that they remain code-compliant. Whether you need someone to take a look at your pipes or install a new Water heater, you can trust the A+ Services team to do the job right.

Septic Services

A slow drain is one of the symptoms of a septic tank that isn’t working properly—and may even be spreading hazardous contaminants around the area. Our technicians will clean out your septic tank for you. You can also depend on us for septic inspections in order to detect problems before they get out of hand. Septic services are available to both commercial and residential customers.

Electrical Services

The installation and maintenance of your home’s electrical appliances and wiring is something that should be left to professionals—like the ones at A+ Services. Our residential electricians can replace your switches, install a new ceiling fan, repair your interior lights, upgrade your current panel, and perform just about anything else relating to your electrical system. Same-day service is available.

HVAC Services

Heating up or cooling down your home or office to maintain a comfortable temperature isn’t just a luxury—it helps protect the health of those who have respiratory conditions or other health issues that can be aggravated by airborne contaminants or immoderate climate conditions. It can be difficult to keep your HVAC equipment in tip-top condition, however. That’s especially true if, like so many people, you don’t get this equipment inspected periodically. We handle inspections as well as repairs and installations of HVAC equipment, so you can enjoy the benefits of clean, comfortable air all year round.

Contact Us for HVAC, Septic, Electrical, and Plumbing Services

From repairing broken pipes to replacing defective fuse boxes, the A+ Services team provides first-rate service that many customers in Lacey, WA and the rest of Thurston County have come to rely on. Contact us the next time you need a plumber, electrician, or HVAC technician. Please call 360-491-1400 to schedule an appointment.