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Trusted Plumbing, Septic, Electrical & HVAC Services in Olympia and Puget Sound

AtĀ A+ Services, we are proud to offer outstanding customer relations and professional services to individuals throughout the Puget Sound. We are a family owned and operated business that employs licensed, insured, and bonded workers who are highly experienced in their respected field. Whether you are scheduling a routine maintenance for your septic tank or if you are in need of an emergency repair, contact A+ Services today!

Explore the Services We Offer

Air Conditioning

We can install central air systems, heat pumps and ductless heat pumps. If you are ever in need of AC maintenance or service, A+ Services can help.

Indoor Air Quality

Make sure your HVAC systems are performing well. We can check your indoor air quality and install air filtration systems to ensure you're breathing the cleanest air.

Plumbing Services

All of our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured. We can assist you in routine maintenance, installation of lines, and provide you with video pipe inspections.

Water HeatersĀ 

If you are looking to put a new heater into your home or if you need service for a gas, electric, or tankless water heater, our expert professionals are here for you.

Septic Services

Our septic services include routine pumpings and inspections, reports, and repairs, as well as excavation, grease traps, catch basin and drain installation.

Electrician Services

We can rewire your home, upgrade existing electrical wires, repair panels and circuit breakers, and help with hookups for wells, septic, and mobile homes.


Whether its a new furnace, repair or maintenance work, air quality testing, air conditioning, whole house generators, or other home comfort issues we are here for you.

Call us to schedule a home service today!