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Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Septic Services in Shelton, WA

Shelton has the distinction of being Puget Sound’s westernmost city, as well as the seat of Mason County. It’s a modestly sized city (est. pop. 10,000) with a generally warm climate that takes a rainy turn during the December-February months. Here’s another fact about living in Shelton: For local residents, top-notch septic, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services are always just a phone call away. That’s because A+ Services has a team of licensed, bonded, and highly skilled professionals who are on hand for a variety of commercial and residential jobs.

  • Septic Services

If your drain or toilet is experiencing backup issues, it could mean that the septic tank needs to be looked at. That’s just one of the services we can do for you. Whether the problem is an aging tank that needs to be replaced or damage from some external cause (such as contact with tree roots), we’ll figure out the best solution. We also provide inspection services if your septic tank hasn’t gotten a check-up in recent years. Commercial and residential septic service is available.

  • Plumbing Services

When it comes to plumbing, no one doubts that it’s important to keep everything in decent condition—life gets uncomfortable pretty quickly when mishaps occur. If a pipe has burst, the shower isn’t generating water, or the toilet has stopped operating altogether, you need an immediate solution. Contact A+ Service for emergency plumbing help. From inspections to repairs, we’ll get the job done efficiently and affordably.

  • Electrical Services

The types of electrical problems that can afflict your home include everything from defective circuit boards to damaged wiring. Our residential electricians can handle it all, and at a price that won’t wreck your bank account. When you need a trained professional to install a new electrical appliance, replace your sockets, or just examine some wires that seem to be going awry, we’re here for you.

  • HVAC Services

Unless you’re capable of heating and cooling your home or office as needed, it’s going to be difficult to stay comfortable while inside. If you don’t get your HVAC equipment inspected at least once per year, you could lose this capability just when you need it most. There are many things that can go haywire with your HVAC gear, from leaking coolant to broken fans, and you need an experienced pro to ensure that it’s working okay or—if defects have already developed—to get everything back in good condition. Call us for skilled HVAC services.

Contact A+ Services

Shelton, WA is just one of the many cities that our company serves in Mason County, and we urge anyone in the area to contact us when you need expert HVAC, septic, electrical, or plumbing services. Emergency service is available 24/7.