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You Can Save up to $3,500

Take advantage of these great deals now before they are gone

If you are thinking of a new home comfort system this year. A new Inverter Heat Pump is the way to go. Now is the perfect time to get one too. With low competitive pricing from A+ Services and Energy rebates from Puget Sound Energy, you can save up to $3,500!

Compare Regular & Inverter Heat Pumps


Changing weather outside can lead to fluctuations in your home's comfort inside. Traditional heat pumps operate in "on/off" cycles, which use considerable amounts of electricity and create uncomfortable fluctuations in temperature.


Inverter driven heat pumps have modulating technology that helps keep your energy bills low by varying the capacity to more closely match your home's requirements. Modulating heat pumps provide only what is actually needed to condition the space in your home. This helps avoid fluctuations in temperatures while reducing energy consumption and keeping costs low.

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