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Proper Air Filtration in Olympia and Puget Sound

Indoor air quality affects the health and comfort of your family; poor indoor air quality can also have long-term effects on HVAC performance and even the condition of your home’s interior.

At A+ Services, our home HVAC services include inspections (mold air sampling) and solutions (AC repair, built-in air filtration) across Puget Sound. Our HVAC company’s trained technicians can offer personalized advice based on your needs to ensure your home provides the healthiest environment possible for your family.

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Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality

The term “indoor air quality” refers to the characteristics of the air inside your home. These characteristics, which include temperature, humidity, and particulate concentration, can affect your comfort and your health over the short and long term.

  • HVAC performance plays a significant role in your home’s indoor air quality. When your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner is not working properly or suffering from neglect, it can affect your ability to control temperature and humidity, as well as contribute to higher airborne particle concentrations.
  • Seasonal variations can also impact indoor air quality, particularly on days when the pollen count is high or wind and weather carry a greater concentration of particles inside through doors, windows, and vents.
  • Problems such as pest infestations and mold growth can easily introduce common allergens into your indoor air, which are then spread through your home if HVAC maintenance is neglected.
  • Other factors such as recent home renovations, frequent dusting, and even the cleaning chemicals you use and the materials installed in your home can all contribute to the quality of your indoor air.
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Your Air Filtration Options

With so many factors holding sway over your indoor air quality, adequate air filtration becomes an essential step toward a healthy home. If you’d like to schedule an indoor air quality inspection or explore your air filtration options for clean, healthy indoor air in Puget Sound and Olympia, please call A+ Services today at 360-491-1400 to discuss your HVAC needs, including indoor air quality services, heat pump, furnace, and AC repair, and new home comfort system installations.

  1. Central HVAC systems are equipped with a built-in air filtration solution. Your furnace filter should be replaced monthly with a high-quality filter product to keep your HVAC system clean and reduce particulate matter in your air.
  2. Whole-home electrostatic air filters can be installed as part of your central HVAC system, providing additional filtration as air is pulled into your furnace or air conditioner.
  3. Air cleaners utilize UV radiation to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms present in your home’s air. These products are inserted into your ductwork just above your HVAC system to provide whole-home air cleaning.

For one of the best air quality testing companies in the Puget Sound region, contact our HVAC company today and take advantage of our wide-ranging expertise in AC maintenance, air control, and air infiltration.

Call us to schedule a home service today!