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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I get my septic tank pumped?

Regular maintenance is important to help keep your tank functioning properly. For a family of 4, every 3-5 years the tank should be inspected to determine sludge and scum levels. If the level is about 30%, it may be a good idea to get the tank pumped.

Should I plant trees or bushes near my septic tank?

Roots can cause a lot of problems with septic tanks. It is not usually recommended that you plant anything near a tank as tree roots can sometimes invade the main lines of a system and cause serious complications.

What is a septic clean-out?

If it is determined that you need a clean-out, our team will physically access septic lines for the cleaning of the tank. This can be done as a routine clean or if an emergency services is needed. A Plus Services can help determine when a clean-out is necessary!

How do I know where my septic tank is?

A lot of people actually do not know where their tank is as the tank could be almost anywhere in the yard. A Plus Services can help determine the location by probing the ground with a steel bar or by using an electronic location device as needed.

Can I cover my lids?

No. According to new state regulations, all septic tank systems must leave lids uncovered for access and inspection. Even large lids the size of garbage can lids will need to be left exposed. Any inlet and outlet needs will be need to be left uncovered as well.

Do you use sewer cameras?

Yes, we provide sewer cameras to help determine where a blockage may be in the line. This could be a cost-effective and safe way to help address, fix, and repair any complications that you may be experiencing.

My main line is clogged, what can I do?

Main line clogs can quickly turn into an emergency if not immediately fixed. At A Plus Services, we will remove any blockage in your line with a jetter or a cable. If you think you have a blockage, contact A Plus Services right away.

Is there a fee for weekend appointments or emergencies?

At A Plus Services, we are proud to offer no additional fees for weekend services. Our rates stay the same Monday through Sunday!

What can we do to improve drainfield performance?

Be careful what you put into your septic tank and never drive onto your drain field or pour concrete over it. A regular schedule of introducing an enzyme treatment to your drainfield helps break up any solids that might have found their way there. You may also contact us regarding your specific system.

Why is my pump alarm going off?

When your pump alarm goes off, it is not telling you that your tank is full (a common misconception). The liquid level in the pump chamber is either too high or too low or an electrical problem exists in your system.

What are risers?

Risers are physical extensions that bring the tank lids to ground level. Risers can be made of plastic or concrete. At A Plus Services we use plastic risers.

What is an “As-Built?”

A drawing of the septic system relating to your property.

What is a jetter?

A high-pressure water jetter is used to clean drain lines and drainfield laterals.

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