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Septic Services in Olympia, WA and Surrounding Areas

A properly working septic tank is one that you shouldn’t have to deal with often, and the septic service technicians at A+ Services are happy to make sure this is the case.  We provide the following septic services:

  • Septic tank pumping

  • Septic repairs and maintenance

  • Septic backup cleaning

  • Septic tank inspections

Without regular maintenance, septic systems can become damaged and need to be replaced.

Sewage can surface in your yard or enter groundwater. This puts your family and neighborhood at risk.

The A+ Services septic professionals will provide you with the results you’re looking for.  Contact us now to schedule a service or click the button below for more information about our septic services.

Signs You Need Septic Services

  • Slow Draining Plumbing– Slow drains aren’t just an inconvenience—they could also indicate serious problems with your septic system. Don’t ignore your slow drains; contact A+ Services, and we’ll send one of our professionals over to perform a thorough septic inspection for you.

  • Clogs and Backups – If you notice that your drains aren’t moving as quickly as they should but do nothing about it, you might find yourself dealing with sewer clogs or sewer backups—and septic clogging is no laughing matter. A clogged toilet or sink can be problematic in the house, especially if you only have one of each. You’ll probably notice when your drains and appliances clog or back up, so be sure to call A+ Services so we can provide expert septic tank cleaning.

  • Health Hazards – Sickness in the home or workplace might have something to do with a malfunctioning septic system. A septic backup or another problem can contaminate the surrounding environment and cause health issues, but a timely septic tank pumping can help minimize or prevent these incidents. Contact A+ Services, one of the leading septic system companies serving the Puget Sound region, so you can spare your family members, employees, and customers potential health hazards.

Selling Your Home?

Did you know that when you sell your home, some counties require additional paperwork if you have a septic tank? We can help you with that!

A+ Services can submit the Time of Transfer for Thurston County or the RSS for Pierce County on your behalf.  Call A+ Services today 360-491-1400 for pricing information and scheduling.

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